Sunday, 9 November 2014

Different Kinds Of Bloggers And Blogging Niches On The Web

different kinds of bloggers and blogging niches

This term is one of the most common term used on the internet, yet I wonder why I'm damn talking about it.

Basically, a blogger is an online writer, someone who owns a blog and produces content on a consistent basis to that blog.

There are over 10,000 bloggers on the internet and with different techniques and writing styles.

Most bloggers tend to stick with what's best for them, others (like me) depend on their flow with the topic to produce good content for you.

A blogger can be either a male or a female, and unlike other things, the few female bloggers I've seen so far are exceptionally good at blogging, truthfully.

Now that you've got my gist, I'm gonna go a little further by highlighting the different type of bloggers on the internet.


The types of bloggers on the internet

Just as we have different types of cars and dishes (I guess you damn love sushi?) in the offline world, we also have types of bloggers.

Below are the two types of bloggers on the web, at least the two major ones you should know:
  1. Gossip bloggers – Gossip bloggers are writers that produce content based on activities of famous people and current news and events worldwide. They tend to get the latest news and gossips before any other bloggers because that's their playground.
    Mostly, they love what they do. Examples of Gossip sites may include large news sites like CNN.comGoogle trends and

  2. Niche bloggers – Niche bloggers are by far the most common category of bloggers on the web. They are specific writers that produce content based on their expertise in a particular area. Practically, i'm a niche blogger, and this blog is also a niche blog, I'm sure you already know this. 

5 essential qualities of a better blogger

While there are hundreds of thousands of bloggers out there on the web, there are still thousands of bad or incapable bloggers out there.

The ways to know bloggers who are ready and fit is what we'll look into from here:
  1. Habit to stay focused – A good is must be focused on his job and produce content needed by his audience. Blogging isn't for everyone and because someone does it, doesn't mean everyone will succeed at doing it.

  2. A good sense of quality – Qualified bloggers must have a good sense of quality, especially now that the internet craves more quality content than quantity.
    I don't really know if you are a blogger or not, so I'm not advising you on being a better. Just know the good qualities, in case you decide to blog someday.

  3. A good sense of humour – Good bloggers are able to show sense of humour and their personality through posts produced by them.

  4. A certain level of expertise – Expertise is one major quality of a good blogger.
    Anyone who isn't an expert can still write or blog but as long as you have more than just enough knowledge and experience with the particular niche, you're good.
    Surprisingly, some experts in specific areas aren't able to blog it, they are just experts (Blogging is something different).

  5. Consistency – You already know what this is, right?. Consistency is by far the most important quality, though it came last but it's actually the first quality every good blogger must have.
    Consistency goes a long way in driving traffic to a blog and turning random visitors into loyal readers and even customers.
    A consistent blogger won't undergo difficulties in trying to get heard and read.

Key takeaways

  1. A blogger is a content producer.

  2. Consistency is by far the most important quality of a good blogger.

  3. A blogger can be either a male or female.

  4. There's two major set of bloggers: gossip bloggers and niche bloggers.

  5. Find out if blogging is for you because, blogging isn't for everyone.

  6. A good blogger must be careful about his audience and have a good sense of humour.

  7. You must not be an expert to start blogging.


Summing up

Bloggers are the heartbeat of the internet and it's most powerful content bank.

We see millions of hilarious and useful content all around the web, but we don't really know the people responsible for them.

There's always going to be another unread content for you to read, and another, and another.

People need more content to consume, they need more info.

Who else can provide them with enough info to last them another half a decade? - bloggers.

So, What type of a blogger are you?


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