Monday, 29 December 2014

7 Successful Blogging Tips You Just Have To Know Today

successful blogging tips

I'm not going to tell you that successful writing isn't difficult because it really isn't.

And it takes an experienced and creative writer to craft better articles that'll easily go viral on the web, right?

It's time you asked yourself how well you write, it's time you examined your work and rate yourself without a feel for bias or any drool tactic that'll slow your judgement.

How often do you write?

Does it feel like work when you write?

Why do you write?

Is blogging for you?

Today, I'll certainly unearth some successful blogging tips to remedy your blogging pain-points and make you successful blogger.

Wait for it:

#1: Write daily

Writing daily is much more stressful than you're a blogger, but definitely, your writing skills will skyrocket with time because what you do daily becomes a major part of you.

When you're able to write daily, you'll have more writing experiences as a blogger and you'll be able to know where your strength area and also, you'll be able to spot your weak points.

This doesn't mean you "must" write large quantities of text daily.


Write as much as you can but don't push yourself off to breaking point.

#2: Read more

This is one bad habit I really hope to put up with soon, but it's good anyway.

I read more than I write, in short, for every one article I write, I'll read about 13 and above more content.

And you know what? the content never stops.

"Read more than you write and write more with what you've read already".

Reading will open your mind to a whole lot of other writing styles (both an enthusiastic one and a boring one).

Another good thing about reading is that it will make you sensitive to the slightest change in the mood of authors and you'll also be able to score and rate writers according to how they write.

Obviously, reading will make you a smarter blogger.

#3: Get social

Writing isn't enough.

To become a better and more successful blogger, get social.

Talk to people, build relationships with other bloggers in both your niche and outside your niche.

Get noticed by thought leaders in your niche by following them (on twitter) and relating with them on the available social networks.

Sometimes, I get the feeling that social networks are there to make life easier for everyone.

You don't have to travel all the way to new York or Georgia or Springfield to relate with your favourite writers or your favourite music bands.

All you have to do is have an Internet connection, setup a social media account and then what? the rapport starts.

#4: Develop your own writing style

It's not always nice to try writing exactly like other professional bloggers that you admire.
You'll fail trying.

And you'll sound like an interpreter to the few people who'll read what you've actually written.

When I started blogging, I tried mimicking the writing styles of multiple bloggers like Michael ArringtonPat Flynn, and Darren Rowse.

Know what? I couldn't just keep doing things like they do it. And it didn't work.

It's okay to admire writing styles but don't try mimicking them.

Develop your own writing style. And a sure way to do this quickly is to write as you talk.

#5: Be consistent

Of course, consistency is a major deal.

Consistency is a key factor to becoming a successful blogger.

And not every consistent blogger will be successful.

Some bloggers do bang out a 100-word post daily on their blog yet are not still successfulI

It depends on the quality of content you're consistently producing and a whole lot of other factors (including luck).

If it's poor content you're producing, consistency will only quicken the rate at which you'll get a penalty.

And if it's quality and purely original content, consistency will also quicken the rate at which you'll become successful.

Content is king, yes, consistency is the throne and your blog is the kingdom.

#6: Never wait for perfection

No blogger or writer is ever perfect.

The moment you start talking to yourself about being perfect, you instantly take a backward step to where you started from.

Just write, read what you've written.

And if it makes enough sense to you and sounds good to the ears, then it's sure cooked up enough to get published.

Great writers never call themselves perfect because they understand and know what you don't, and even twice.

You have to overcome the feeling that nothing is ever good enough.

They understand that the words should flow from the heart and not from your dictionary.

No ordinary writer is ordinary, every writer is special with different unique writing styles.

Yours isn't boring.

And the ability for you to find and exploit your writing style makes you perfect enough to storm the yard.

#7: Find your unique voice

If you think it through, the easiest thing to do is to just quit.

And tattoo the loser symbol on your forehead.

But failure becomes difficult when you keep trying and creating your own ways to please people and pass information.

Everyone has a unique voice. I know mine, and I'm quite sure you know yours too.

But if you don't, a consistent writing exercise will help you reveal that.

When I say "voice" I don't mean alto or soprano or tenor…


I mean your writing mood and tone.

Some blog posts are like lullaby, they lure you to sleeping and in extreme cases, you could have a nightmare.


I'll help you answer that: because of the voice behind it (It's boring).

It's pretty simple to find your unique voice and work towards improvement.

And a sure way to this is to write non-stop for minutes, then read what you've written.

If you sound like a newscaster (or if it's boring and no fun at all) then you'll need to change your voice and blogging approach.

Key takeaways

  1. Write daily. Don't overlook this tip. I know it's pretty obvious but I bet you'll have to become the next Hemingway to succeed daily writing.

  2. Develop your unique voice. Stop mimicking other writer's work and style. Yours might be just better. Who knows?

  3. Consistency will take you real far as a blogger. By being consistent with both your posting intervals and quality content output, you'll be able to set a fixed time period for regular readers to expect something new and for Crawlers to visit and crawl your pages.

  4. Identify your weak points and turn them into your strength.

  5. Tell stories if you don't want your readers to fall asleep.

  6. Connect with thought leaders in your niche if you want to be just as successful as they are.

Summing up

An average blogger probably, already knows about 60% of what you've just read, but yet still fails.

This is because they fail to implement the obvious blog building blocks.

I'm no expert but I'm quite a writer.

From writing every day to developing your unique voice… your odds to becoming a better blogger than you were about a month or two ago will greatly increase.

I'm not trying to cajole you, but if you think so, then I agree.

So… how else can you become a successful blogger? 


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