Sunday, 16 November 2014

SEM - Your Quick Search Engine Marketing Concept


SEM is an acronym for Search Engine Marketing.

SEM, according to webopedia, is often used to describe acts associated with researching, submitting and positioning a Web site within search engines to achieve maximum exposure of your Web site.

There are lots of bloggers who confuse SEM with SEO... I dare to tell you, they're two different things.

While Search engine marketing include paid services and means like paid listing and search to get targeted traffic to your website

Search engine optimization employs the use of free means and skilled techniques to earn traffic to a website equally.

Why you should go through with SEM?

If you have no marketing skill and you're willing to get visitors to your website, search engine marketing is for you.

Even as a marketer, search engine marketing will save time and energy for you.

SEO isn't a skill to be acquired and mastered (impossible) in a day or months or years, because things change.

Search marketing concept

Search marketing and search engine marketing are also two different things.

Search marketing is often used to describe the process of getting traffic to a website through both paid and unpaid services.

You understand, right?

Now, both search engine optimization and search engine marketing fall under search marketing which is a general term to describe them.

Brief search engine optimization concept

Search engine optimization involves various ways and techniques employed to generate and hype the traffic of a website.

This can be only be done by skilled marketers with lots of experience online.

This method will take time (in most cases where the site is a low authority site with little to no traffic) to manifest good results and will save you money too.

There's a lot of things to learn when doing SEO.

But, here's a few:
  1. Link building – The act of manually building links a webpage so as to increase the rank of that page.

  2. Content marketing –  Producing good and quality content for both users and search engines to increase website visibility.

  3. On-page SEO – This is usually the fun part. This refers to optimization done within a website so as to rank well on the Search engine result pages (SERPs).

Useful SEM resources 

If you want to swim deeper into this part of internet marketing, the article i outlined below will provide you with just any info you need on search engine marketing.

Complete Guide To Buiding Your Audience

Complete Guide To Paid Social Media Marketing

What Search Marketing Is

Beginner's Guide To Paid Search

Key takeaways

  1. SEM is a term used to describe paid services and activities employed to improve site ranking and traffic.

  2. SEO is a process of increasing website traffic through skilled techniques and free services.

  3. Search marketing is a term used to describe attempts, both paid (SEM) and unpaid (SEO) to increase blog traffic.

Summing up

If you're really a lazy person, like me, and you want to get instant traffic and make your brand known to people, then, Search engine marketing is what you need.

Everything counts when it comes to this because you're spending money on every click and every second (which you can't really reclaim).

SEM is worth a try, and I bet you'll see a rapid increase in traffic to your website which means a hell lot of revenue for you.

What else do you understand by the term "search engine marketing"?


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